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  • Extensive Lending Network - Buy here pay here car dealers in our exclusive network are eager to get you into a new or used car, regardless of your financial history.
  • Fast Application Process - Our quick and painless online application form is Step #1 to your new car. Apply online, 24 hours a day.
  • Easy Approval Requirements - Min $1,500 gross monthly income, no repos within 1 year unless included in bankruptcy, U.S. or Canadian residents over 18 years old, no motorcycle or private party loans.
  • One-Stop Convenience - Once you apply, a dealer representative will contact you to discuss the details. Then just visit the dealership car lot, pick out your new wheels, close your loan and drive away!
  • Specialized Local Services - If you are searching for information about financing for new and used cars, we can help connect you with the best options available.

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Tips and Advice for Drivers

Dealer Incentives

Dealerships across the country offer many different incentives to attract buyers to purchase vehicles. It is a terrific marketing strategy and benefits the dealers as well as the consumer. Dealerships get sales consumers save money on vehicle purchases. A "customer rebate" or "dealer incentive" is simply forms of repayment from the manufacturer to the buyer. This promotes sales for a particular make or model of vehicle.

Often dealerships will offer incentives to buyers if they lease a vehicle. A lease is a form of getting a vehicle financed for a fixed period of time. An agreed upon amount of mileage allowance is determined before the final leasing contract is signed. Monthly payments are made, but the consumer does not own the vehicle. At the end of the lease the consumer will have the option of purchasing the vehicle. Many times dealers will off "early turn in" incentives. This allows consumers to turn in a leased vehicle early without penalties. It often benefits the consumer who is approaching the agreed upon mileage or just dimply would like to have a new vehicle.

If purchasing is the option for you then understanding the different prices and terms is important in making a wise financial decision. Every vehicle has a "list price" (also referred to as the "sticker price"). This is simply the manufacturers suggested retail price, or MSRP, for that specific vehicle. A buyer should always negotiate the price of a vehicle before purchasing it. You never know, even with incentives, what type of deal you can get.

It is a fact that more consumers purchase vehicles when dealerships are offering incentives. Making sure you research different dealerships and what incentives they are currently offering is important when deciding on what vehicle to purchase. Dealership incentive can change on a weekly basis.