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Jan 24, 2017 - 3:28 pm

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Past credit problems shouldn't make it impossible for you to get a reliable car today. Hassle-free auto loans are available to West Virginia applicants in any financial situation. Connecting consumers with financing for new and used cars is what we do every day, and we have helped millions of consumers like you.

Special circumstance auto financing is our specialty, which is why we, along with our partners, have closed over one billion dollars in auto loans for people with bad credit, no credit, or past bankruptcy.
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Qualifying through us is a simple and pain-free process. If you meet the basic approval requirements, complete the free application form today.
  • Gross monthly income of $1,500 or more if your credit score is under 625.
  • If you are going through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the 341 meeting of creditors must be completed.
  • If you're going through Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an "Authorization to Incur Debt" is required from the trustee.
  • Unless included in a bankruptcy, you must not have had an automobile repossession within the last year.
  • Financing through Acelinks is for our authorized & licensed dealer partners.
  • Financing is available for US and Canadian residents who are at least 18 years old.

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Tips and Advice for Drivers

Purchasing a Vehicle With Financing

To purchase a vehicle, unless you’re a cash buyer, requires vehicle financing. Vehicle financing has no set rules for all financing companies. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you research all of your financing choices.

Vehicle financing is simply the terms you agree upon to repay the money you borrow. If you research your options and finance your vehicle under the best terms available, you are going to spend less money to own your vehicle.

The terms considered when applying for vehicle financing can vary. However, your fico score is always considered when you apply for financing. You can get a step ahead in the process if you know your fico score before even applying for financing. If your score is low, you may need special financing in order to obtain vehicle financing. But, knowing this ahead of time saves the automotive retailer, and yourself, valuable time.

Consider this before you seal any deal. Do not purchase any vehicle on a whim. Do not let the excitement of purchasing a new vehicle cloud your judgment. Automotive financing can be easy if you agree to the first deal laid out on the table. But if you want to spend less money – take your time to research all of your financing options. Banks, credit unions, and automotive retailers offer different financing terms. By discussing financing with all types of lenders it will define the route that will save you the most money overall.

If you ultimately decide to finance your vehicle through an outside lender rather than an automotive retailer it does allow you the benefit of being a “cash buyer”. When you’re a cash buyer you pay the auto retailer in full for the vehicle you purchase. Your payments are made to the direct lender each month until the loan is paid off.

A tip to consider, regardless of the financing source you choose is refinancing. If the interest rates drop lower than what you’re currently paying, refinancing can save you a lot of money especially if the rates drop in a short time frame from the onset of your financing.

Vehicle financing is more than just money exchanging hands. Spending the least amount of money for your vehicle is the goal you want to achieve. Your objective – drive away in your new vehicle the money in your pocket and a smile on your face.