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Feb 27, 2015 - 3:18 pm

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Jeff E.'s loan application has just been processed from a buy here pay here in Marietta, OH.
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Ohio residents in and around Marietta can get approved for an auto loan, even with bad credit.
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Why do People Get Financed With Us?

  • Extensive Lending Network - Buy here pay here car dealers in our exclusive network are eager to get you into a new or used car, regardless of your financial history.
  • Fast Application Process - Our quick and painless online application form is Step #1 to your new car. Apply online, 24 hours a day.
  • Easy Approval Requirements - Min $1,500 gross monthly income, no repos within 1 year unless included in bankruptcy, U.S. or Canadian residents over 18 years old, no motorcycle or private party loans.
  • One-Stop Convenience - Once you apply, a dealer representative will contact you to discuss the details. Then just visit the dealership car lot, pick out your new wheels, close your loan and drive away!
  • Specialized Local Services - If you are searching for information about financing for new and used cars, we can help connect you with the best options available.

Tips and Advice for Drivers

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Are you always on the prowl to get the best possible deal you can for a vehicle? You need to know about certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles. In order to be certified, vehicles must meet mileage and age requirements which have been pre-established by the automobile manufacturer. The vehicle will have a complete inspection at the automotive retailer.

CPO vehicles often come with warranties and financing options like new vehicles do. Taking the certified pre-owned route to purchase a car can get you into that car of your dreams and keep money in your pocket, not to mention getting a guarantee from the manufacturer that your vehicle is of high quality.

If you're wondering how this is possible then read on. When a vehicle is returned to a dealer after a lease is expired it is labeled a "trade-in". The dealership will evaluate the vehicle's condition and potential to resell. There is a pre-qualifying set of standards and if they are met then it can be sold as a CPO. By the time a consumer views a certified pre-owned vehicle it has been completely examined and is covered by a manufacturer's warranty.

If you're still contemplating whether it would be cheaper to just buy a used car outright then consider this you will save money through significantly lower service bills. A CPO vehicle is already in excellent condition. You will not have the worry or frustration of paying to get the vehicle up to snuff or repairing any defects the vehicle may have. But, the best part, you're going to get a warranty from the manufacturer that is not ordinarily available on a used vehicle purchase.

Taking the time to check into and research certified pre-owned vehicles is only going to be beneficial to you. Saving money is the objective that all consumers have, along with getting a dependable vehicle.