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Bob S. from Bangor submitted an application for a buy here pay here auto loan in Maine.
Apr 01, 2015 - 1:39 am

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Bangor, ME Auto Loans

Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers in Maine

Maine residents in and around Bangor can get approved for an auto loan, even with bad credit.
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Why do People Get Financed With Us?

  • Extensive Lending Network - Buy here pay here car dealers in our exclusive network are eager to get you into a new or used car, regardless of your financial history.
  • Fast Application Process - Our quick and painless online application form is Step #1 to your new car. Apply online, 24 hours a day.
  • Easy Approval Requirements - Min $1,500 gross monthly income, no repos within 1 year unless included in bankruptcy, U.S. or Canadian residents over 18 years old, no motorcycle or private party loans.
  • One-Stop Convenience - Once you apply, a dealer representative will contact you to discuss the details. Then just visit the dealership car lot, pick out your new wheels, close your loan and drive away!
  • Specialized Local Services - We have been helping consumers find local financing for new and used cars for years.

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Tips and Advice for Drivers

Are You Ready to Purchase a Vehicle?

Are you ready to purchase a vehicle? Is the thought of purchasing a new or used vehicle giving you a rush of adrenaline? The big question is what knowledge do you have about the vehicle purchasing process?

There are things to consider before you start the process of vehicle purchasing. What is your beacon score? What can you afford each month? How much of a down payment do you have access to if one is required? Have you checked all of your options on vehicle financing?

A new vehicle is the largest purchase you will make, next to a home. This fact means you need to research the purchasing process thoroughly and make sure you understand the terms of financing options. This is especially true if your beacon score is low, because this will have a direct effect on your interest rate eligibility. When you finance a vehicle it is a financial commitment that you’re agreeing to pay back over a time period that can be as long as five years. That is why it is extremely important to understand the exact terms before you sign any paperwork.

It is a great idea to visit the different vehicle retailers in you area to see what vehicles they have available in your price range. Sticking to a predetermined price is important and keeps you in line with your budget. Vehicle retailers help you to find the perfect vehicle you’re looking for. However, remember to check into any warranties, insurance rates, and fuel economy. If you’re purchasing a used vehicle then get all maintenance records and a vehicle history report to safeguard yourself from any negative surprises.

Make the most out of your experience…After all, it’s not everyday that you purchase a vehicle so explore all your possibilities and get the vehicle you will be happy and proud to own.